Just Informing….

Hello guys, I am starting this new series , Just Informing, where we will go through some of the daily news, sports news , YouTube trends and other drama. Basically I will be giving you guys tea ( I like calling gossip tea) to talk about. I will also be sharing my thoughts on these […]

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Hello, Now I know I have been very irregular, I have been posting very less and taking very long. I though blogging was easy man, but it ain’t. So when we started ( I am saying we because if u are reading you easily do what people tell you to…like read my blog). Anyway so […]


Being a fat kid in India.

Is being fat a crime? Can a fat person live a normal life ? Will the society ever accept me and other fat people like me? These are some of the questions which I wake up to every single day. It’s really difficult to be different in our society. I have always been an overweight, […]

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Do I have a heart ?

That little muscle that beats in you. Screwing up all the decisions you make. Making you fall in love, hurting when it breaks . But are those feelings actually true? Is there something like heart break or the feeling of loving someone, is it true? Is love at first site true? Is it true that […]

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Well, I have been wanting to write a blog since November but was always confused of what to write about. So I decided let’s introduce myself..😂 I am Romeen, student by profession and a wannabe doc, Arsenal supporter( please don’t hate me) and a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. I do live a very boring life. I […]

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